Odisha Link
Bridging the Missing Links in Odisha


Advertisement Space7 Days15 Days1 Month3 Months6 Months1 year
Top Banner With Web link35,000/-60,000/-100,000/-2.5 Lakhs4.5 Lakhs8.0 Lakhs
Top Banner Without Web link30,000/-50,000/-80,000/-2.0 Lakhs4.0 Lakhs7.0 Lakhs
Side Bar With Link20,000/-35,000/-60,000/-1.6 Lakhs3.0 Lakhs6.0 Lakhs
Side Bar Without Link15,000/-30,000/-50,000/-1.4 Lakhs2.5 Lakhs5.0 Lakhs
In Content35,000/-50,000/-80,000/-2.0 Lakhs4.0 Lakhs7.0 Lakhs
After Content30,000/-40,000/-70,000/-1.8 Lakhs3.5 Lakhs6.0 Lakhs
*State GST 9% and Central GST 9% extra

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